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Resin Jewellery

Care must be taken with Resin Jewellery to maintain its beautiful sheen. We would recommend that when you are not wearing your jewellery it be stored in the  packaging out of direct sunlight, Please take special care when using any chemical products or those containing Alcohol such as perfume or hairspray. If you put your jewellery on after you have applied these products it will prevent any direct contact to the jeweller and any chemical reactions that could potentially be caused by this. Jewellery can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth. As with pearls, resin set jewellery should also be the last thing put on when dressing and the first thing to be removed.


Oxidised Silver

Many of my jewellery pieces are oxidised to create a rich, dark surface colour.  Oxidised jewellery needs very little cleaning, a soft brush with soapy water will clean it up nicely. Be careful to avoid any abrasive cleaning tools or products as this can remove the patina. Oxidisation is not a permanent finish to the jewellery and therefor over time can wear down with heavy wear and tear. This can compliment the style of the jewellery but if you prefer a darker tone I am happy to re-oxidise your pieces for you free of charge, minus any postal charges.  Please get in touch to discuss this, Please take extra care not to immerse oxidised jewellery into any chemical cleaning solutions as this will remove the oxidised finish.

Silver & Gold Jewellery

Both Silver and Gold jewellery require minimal maintenance, start by soaking the pieces in warm water with a little washing up liquid and using a soft brush, gently clean the jewellery to remove any dirt, dry with a soft cloth. Gold and Silver cleaning solutions will do the same job. Be sure to use the correct one for the type of metal that you wish to clean.





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