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What is a Hallmark?

Until 1998, a Hallmark consisted of four COMPULSORY MARKS.  Since 1998 the date letter has become optional but the other three symbols remain compulsory. The symbols give the following information:

  • who made the article

  • what is its guaranteed standard of fineness

  • the Assay Office at which the article was tested and marked

  • the year in which the article was tested and marked

The Sponsor's Mark

This is the unique mark of the company or person responsible for sending the article for hallmarking.

The sponsor may be the manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, retailer or an individual. To obtain a sponsor’s mark you must be registered with an assay office.


The Standard Mark

This shows the fineness of the metal – ie purity of the precious metal content in parts per 1000 in relation to the standard recognised in the UK. For example 750 parts per 1000 by weight is equivalent to the old 18 carat gold standard. The alloy must be at least 750 parts per 1000 to be marked as such. There is no negative tolerance.










The Assay Office Mark

This symbol shows which Assay Office tested and marked the item.  All my hallmakred pieces are sent to the Edinburgh Assay office for hallmarking, therefore the mark will be a three towered Castle.

All of my work will be hallmarked unless otherwise stated on each item listing, My Signa Earring range will be Laser engraved as opposed to the standard punch marks made. My Makers Mark for your reassurace is CB in a champfered box.


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