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Take My Hand -  Scottish Association for Mental Health(SAMH).


How are you? No really, how are you? This is a question that so few of us answer truthfully.


Nearly all of us have been affected or know someone that has suffered with Mental Health issues yet the stigma attached to Mental Health continues.


I am releasing this necklace, named ‘Take My Hand’, in support of Scotland’s Association for Mental Health with 50% of the proceeds going directly to this invaluable charity. I hope to, by way of this necklace, create a talking point, a potential starting point to conversations and the realisation that people can, should, and must talk about their mental wellbeing for the benefit of us all. So many of us when asked the question ‘How are you?’ brush it off with being ‘Okay’ when the truth of the matter is that, many of us, at one time or another don’t feel Okay. Society has led us to treat our mental health in a hushed manner, behind closed doors, as opposed to if we have a physical ailment with our body. Our mental health is no different. We need to realise it is a part of our wellbeing and just as our physical health can go up and down so too can our Mental Health. It is normal, what is not normal is the sense of fear we feel in reaching out to get help and admitting that we don’t always feel Okay. With so many aspects to mental health from Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Post-natal Depression, Substance Abuse, Addiction to name a few we have all had some contact with someone who has suffered if you haven’t experienced it personally. The fact is we all have Mental Health so let’s start talking about it!


My own mum, an undeniably strong and loving woman, has herself struggled for many years with her own mental health. ‘For a long time I didn’t want to speak out or seek help as I was afraid of the repercussions.  I felt ashamed of my illness and worried that people would tell me to “get up and get a grip of myself”. I had to keep up the bravado of being okay, although I wasn’t’. It was only after my mother hit rock bottom with her depression which resulted in several suicide attempts that she felt she had no choice but to seek help to remove herself from what she described as a ‘black hole’. After reaching out to the assistance available, and there is no denying that this can be a difficult process to work through, she realised that there was supportive, professionals that didn’t judge but, on the contrary, did everything in their power to help.

I am pleased to say my mother continues to get stronger and stronger in her own mental health, despite the devastating news of terminal cancer, and this is due to the help and assistance of some wonderful doctors, psychiatrists and nurses. We need to feel we can speak out if we need help so that something can be done.

My Mum, Lauraine, requested this be done for Mental Health awareness and assisted with the designing of the necklace. The main element she requested was that it be a hand, to signify reaching out and taking someone’s hand. The necklace is made of solid Sterling Silver with an understand yet intricate wrist detail and 2mm AAA graded round faceted Moonstone. Moonstone promotes strength and wellbeing and catches the light beautifully with pale blue flashes. The pendant sits on an 18inch Sterling Silver Rope Chain which sparkles beautifully when being worn, finished with a secure trigger clasp. All supplied in a Luxury Foil Embossed Presentation Box.


Not only would it be a wonderful gift for your own Mum but a beautiful gift for any woman to wear. £32.50 from every sale will go to SAMH.


If you feel you can reach out to a friend or relative to speak about how you are feeling they may be able to offer you some support. I have attached a few links below which may be of assistance. – Scotland’s Association for Mental Health .- 0141 530 1000 – Samaritans – 116 123 – If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide and want to speak to someone immediately the Samaritans can help. – Breathing Space – 0800 838 587 (Weekdays 6pm – 2am) – Pandas Foundation. A support network for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses. Phone - 01691 664275 or email





This one’s for you Mum. I love You. Caroline xx

Take My Hand Necklace For SAMH

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